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Of Skarsgard’s Tarzan, she says: “He’s amazing. He’s such a lovely person and I think he makes a wonderful Tarzan.

Just in general he is an awesome guy, he’s a great actor and just aesthetically I think he works for the role.”


Quote from Brit Marling re Alexander Skarsgard in #TheEast from Volume 1 of Violet Magazine (April 2014):

I was just reading this action script the other day and it was just like some really great male actor was going to do the part, and I was reading the part and I was like, really? It was just so mind-numbing—violence and appropriation of women—and it seemed so empty, and also it’s funny, as when we were writing The East, one of the things Alex Skarsgård said, when he took on the part [of Benji], was he was so excited to read this male character that was driven and ambitious, but also sensitive and a thinker and quiet and contemplative, and that he was all these things, and that he often defaulted to the women in the group and her opinion, and there were all these layers and nuances to who he was and it didn’t have to be that he was going in guns blazing, shirt off, to win the hearts and minds of the audience.

Sources: Violet Magazine (page 217); Getty Images (photo 1 of Brit, Alex & Ellen Page), our screen cap (photo 2 of Alex as Benji)


"Alex is the most amazing person I ever worked with. So professional and intellgent. He’s funny and goofy too which a lot of people would not expect. Here’s a guy who’s not only gorgeous but has all these other positive qualities as well. I’ve been in this buisness a long time so I seen it all and worked with them all. I can say without a doubt that Alex is truly a gifted actor and even more, that he’s a good man and friend."

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